Pituitary Apoplexy

Importante información para todos los medicos y para la población general. Como siempre lo he dicho la información abre puertas.



-Pituitary apoplexy refers to pituitary infarction

-It is a rarecondition.  Often occurs spontaneously from hemorrhage or an infarction of a pre-existing pituitary adenoma.  It can also refer to sudden infarction of the pituitary in the absence of a pituitary adenoma.

Pregnancy and trauma have also been associatedwith the condition.

-Think Pituitary Apoplexy in a patient with sudden severe headache with vision changesand a known history of a stable pituitary adenoma!

-Common precipitating factors include recent major surgery, being on anticoagulation, and hypertension.


-Common symptoms include headache, vomiting, visual field defects, and ocular paresis.

Hyponatremia (caused from SIADH) has also been demonstrated in case reports although it is less common

-Of the ocular palsy findings, 3rd nerve and 6th nerve palsies are most common.


CT scansare generally only…

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